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Create lasting habits that enrich your life. Build strength and routine with help and guidance with a supportive, compassionate community

Celebrate movement. Celebrate life.

New to strength training and not sure where to begin?
Feel confident in the gym, but need help with accountability or developing a plan?
Need something personalized just for you and your goals?

Class Offerings

Guided Meditation
30 minute guided meditation class that honors several traditional teachings of meditation, in addition to breath work, mindfulness practices, and sound.

Sound Bath
30 minute sound class blending breathing techniques with sound - gongs, chimes, crystal and Tibetan bowls + more. Listen to these sound experiences to shift one’s mind into a deeper meditative and relaxing state.

Mindful Meditation
30 minute guided meditations focused on mindfulness and designed for you to honor the present moment, bring awareness to the breath, the body or any of the other sensory functions. Learn to be present in the here and now.



Glow Co. is here to support YOU. My goal is to help you move better, to feel stronger in your body and for you to find enjoyment in movement.

Create lasting habits and a healthy relationship with fitness through a wholistic approach which celebrates the fun day and the rest days as much as the gains.

Become a part of an amazing community which will help support you alongside your journey.

Emily Behler


Featured Classes


Small targeted movements, focusing on anatomy, balance, breath and beats to help increase heart rate, full body alignment and strength.


Taking turns working each side of the body, independently, with mini bands and/or sliders. Which helps isolate and correct muscle imbalances.


30 minute mobility flow to stretch the muscles, move the joints, and connect mind and body.


Building full body strength and control through compound and functional movements, using dumbbells, bodyweight and bands for resistance.

What an awesome way to start the day! The movement felt fabulous and it was perfectly do-able  for me as a first-time attendee. Thank you for the encouragement to stretch and move!


Really cool class. Loved the music and the teacher was full of energy and encouragement!!
Can’t wait for the next one!


Brilliant class! Super well structured with options for everyone! Super motivating and encouraging! Thank you for a wonderful class.


It was a really good workout and it's just what I needed to get back into my fitness regime in the midst of this pandemic.  I'm grateful I joined this class, it motivated me to get back into a routine.

Emma B

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Mel C

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Geri H

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Victoria B

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